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Buy & Sell Cars

With India becoming the fastest growing major economy in the world, taking over the mantle from China, the Indian automobile space has a vastly transformed look. With an ever growing middle class, a young, ambitious population and higher disposable income, India is today one of the top 10 automobile markets in the world.

Moreover, in the last few years, even the rural economy in India has been picking up steam. With the market and experts maintaining a largely favorable stance on the Indian economy, the biggest brands in the world are aligning their growth stories with India-centric business policies. Investors are making a beeline for India.

Suddenly top end sports sedans, convertibles, top of the line coupes and superbikes can be seen zip-zapping through Indian roads. So you have the Mercs, BMWs, Audis, Jaguars, Ford Mustangs and Bentleys, sparring it out to take the largest share of this lucrative market.

Even the less glamorous ones - the hatchbacks, entry level sedans and the sub 4 meter SUV space is crammed with competitors. The space has a very diverse look due to increasing number of options for the buyers.

Indians have also started warming up to monstrous SUVs and off-roaders. With the condition of roads still leaving something to be desired and cost of gasoline in a favorable zone, the upper middle class and the rich in India are not shying away from splurging on the muscular “fuel guzzlers”.

In such a scenario, it is only natural that there would be a lot of excitement amongst car enthusiasts and car owners. As a result, many car lovers' clubs are starting to open their shops in India slowly and most are very active. They organize car rallies, awareness camps and safety drives, organize meetings, workshops and many more fun activities.

Buying a car

Planning to buy a car? What the things which you should do before going ahead with your purchase? Here are a few ideas:

  • After you decide on the make and model of your car, check out the specs on various websites and auto magazines like Business Motoring, Overdrive, Auto India, Team-BHP to name a few.
  • If possible, go for a test drive in your model of choice to get a personal feel.
  • Check the prices on websites like cardekho and carwale, etc
  • If possible, contact and verify the on-road prices of the model from some car dealers.
  • Start exploring the financing options available, and compare the benefits offered by each of them.
  • Find out the additional taxes that you would need to pay. If you need help with calculations, contact a dealer and ask him to provide details.
  • Find out the insurance options for your car. Compare the features and pick the one that suits you best. Generally, the first insurance has to be done through the car dealer or else, you may face many hassles.
  • If you are eligible for some tax benefits, inform your company about the same. For any help with calculations, you can check out TDSMAN.
  • Very important, before zeroing in on the model, make sure that the manufacturer of the model has a very good after sales service network in your city.
  • Do considerable research to find out the resale value of your car.

Selling a car

If you have decided to sell your automobile and replace it with another soon, the following tips might be helpful for you:

  • First, find out the current market value of your car. You could ask an evaluator to do it for you or get ideas from sites like Droom, Team-BHP, Quikr, India car, Zigwheels along with the ones already mentioned above.
  • Take a picture of your car and post it on a website like Quikr or OLX or Cardekho. You can also specify if you want to deal with individual buyers or dealers.
  • Ensure that all the papers are in order, the taxes have been cleared till date and also see that there is clarity and transparency in the terms that you set for the deal. A buyer would back out, even if your car is in top condition or is getting a good deal, if there are legal issues like failed pollution test certificate, tax dues or accident cases dangling. Always be honest with the prospective buyer. That would be helpful in the long run.
  • Help the buyer in tackling the legal aspects of transferring the ownership rights.

Car lovers

With such a booming automobile market in India today, many automobile clubs have become active. Vintage car clubs are vying for the spotlight with supercar and superbike clubs. HOG chapters are opening up in different metros in India and now moving to Tier II and III cities as well.

  • There are so many car lovers' communities and groups on Facebook and other social media sites. You can join one if it fits your profile and choice and you fulfill their criteria.
  • As a member of a car club, you can play a number of roles like organizing symposiums, painting exhibitions or car rallies, etc.
  • Often awareness drives are also carried out.
  • The car owners, especially those with supercars, often go for long drives and share their expertise and knowledge with their fellows.
  • They work on car modifications and customizations.
  • As an automobile enthusiast, you can read wonderful blogs or threads on various websites and also subscribe to auto magazines.
  • A number of automobile magazines, focused on a single city or town, are being published. Kolkata On Wheels is a case in point. You can subscribe to one such magazine and stay informed about what's happening in the local circuit.

Travel Plans

What is the use of owning an off-roader, a four wheel drive or a fancy sports sedan if you don't go for long drives on weekends? These are some options you can explore when you go on a sojourn next time.

  • Send your car for servicing every once in a while if you want to prevent frequent breakdowns on the road.
  • If you love to be behind the wheel of your car when going for a long drive, see that you are carrying the tool kits, the spare wheel and some knowledge of repairing so that you don't get stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  • Speak to an automobile expert. He can offer tips for improving the performance of the car by making some adjustments.
  • If you go on frequent long drives, it might be a good idea to be a member of some luxury resort like Country Club, etc. They give you a number of services for being their loyal customer.
  • You stop for breaks in restaurants, roadside dhabas and motels on your trip. Are you marveling at their brilliant service, professional approach and super quick response time? Then chances are that they are using the FusionResto restaurant management software for providing superior customer experience.
  • Read travel blogs and travelogues before taking your car on a road trip. Prior knowledge about the route or chalking out a proper tour plan is very essential. Mark the stopovers also on your map and maintain a log book to track stop and start time and also kilometer and fuel readings, etc.
  • Carry enough food and liquids on the trip for any contingency, especially when traveling with family.

Automobile portal

Do you own an auto portal? These are some of the things that you should ensure for its success.

  • Before you create your own automobile portal, visit the ones like Zigwheels, Auto India, Team-BHP, Cardekho, etc which have a professional look and are also very popular. You would have a fair idea of how you want to make your website. It is important to identify your focus area and the unique perspective to make your website stand out.
  • You can get a competent website designing firm to design and maintain your portal. It is absolutely necessary that you ask them to take care of SEO and SERP also if you want the site traffic to really pick up.
  • If you have an existing site, you can get an audit of your site done to identify parameters that can be improved to increase the traffic and conversion rates. Only then you will be able to monetize your site and turn it into a self sustaining venture.
  • Invite experts and car enthusiasts to share their thoughts on your website. Ask them to write columns or blog posts. This will help to drive traffic.
  • Have ordinary car users and holiday makers share their experiences in the form of testimonials and blog posts.
  • Have car reviews, car launches and other interesting news, important automobile statistics, important tips and event calender for the year published on your website.
  • Encourage your readers to form communities on various social media sites. This would amount to considerable and effective promotion for your site.
  • Have a provision for online chat on your website so that the regular visitors can closely interact with each other and a close bonding develops.
  • Have your web portal host question and answer sessions where car users can ask questions regarding their problems and get them answered by respected names in the industry.